Claro Yoga - Jess Van Den - anjaneyasana variation

Welcome to Claro Yoga.

From the Latin:

clārō means…

– to brighten, lighten or illuminate
– to clarify (make clear, explain)

My name is Jess, and I’ve been practising yoga on and off since my teens. My first taste of yoga was a kundalini yoga class when I was 15 years old, and on a home-stay visit in the United States. My host took me along to try it out, and I was so fascinated by it that I bought a book from the teacher, and continued practising by myself at home for the next few years.

At the time, I lived in North Queensland, Australia, and yoga was not something that existed in that part of the world – at least, not to my knowledge!

Over the years to come, my love of yoga waxed and waned. It was only in my early 30s that – due to a lower back injury – I started seriously investigating and regularly practising yoga at home – this time, guided by the wonderful array of teachers online – through youtube videos and blog posts.

This was the point where I truly fell in love with yoga.

I slowly grew my knowledge of yoga – and reached the point where I was practising almost every day at home. I also started trying out local classes, and going away for weekend retreats to deepen my yoga practice.

I had begun by discovering the physical benefits of yoga – how much stronger and more comfortable in my skin I felt.

What I wasn’t expecting, but what has come to be my main motivator, were the mental and emotional benefits that arose due to my practice.

I credit my yoga practice with helping me to become happier and healthier – in mind and body.

The more I practice, and the more I learn about yoga, the more profound these effects continue to be.

I love what the practice of yoga has brought to my life – so, I decided that it was time to start sharing this practice with others.

I began my 200 hour, 6-month yoga teacher training, and I completed my training in August 2016.

I want to help you to discover the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that yoga practice can bring to your life – and to, in short, help you become happier, healthier, and more luminous.



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