#31DaysOfYogaFundamentals – August 2016



To celebrate the final month of my yoga teacher training, I have set myself some challenges based around the niyamas – the second of the eight limbs of raja yoga.


The 8 Limbs of Yoga


I will speak about the other elements of my August challenges in a future post, but today, I wanted to share the asana challenge I have set for myself. This definitely comes under the ‘tapas’ (self-discipline/austerity) niyama.

I will be running this challenge on my instagram and facebook accounts.

I have chosen 31 asana – one for every day of August.

These have been chosen from the poses we have learnt in teacher training – and I have tried to choose the most fundamental 31 asana – though, of course, I only had 31 days, so some have had to be left out!


ClaroYoga 31 days of yoga fundamentals


There are SO many yoga challenges out there on instagram, but a lot of the time, they are full of advanced poses that many yogis can’t achieve.

My aim with this challenge is to cover the fundamental poses that are available to everyone, and that fun the full gamut of standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, balancing poses, inversions, and relaxation.

I love a good challenging asana as much as the next yogi, but I also think there’s something so powerful in these fundamental poses that is worth exploring and focusing on.


This challenge has a few facets.

  1. I will photograph myself doing the day’s asana, share it online, and write a caption outlining the basic alignment cues/contraindications I have learnt about that pose. The goal of this is to reinforce what I’ve been learning, while also hopefully being helpful to my followers.
  2. I am hoping that some other yogis decide to play along, and use the month to re-examine some poses that may have become second nature, and therefore be taken for granted in their practice. I don’t think we ever finish learning and exploring any asana, no matter how fundamental, or how long we’ve been practising it!
  3. I am challenging myself to an unbroken 31 days of practice during August, so this challenge will have the benefit of holding me accountable to that. I cannot share a photo that I did not take that day!


So, if you’d like to join me, please do! Use the hashtag #31daysofyogafundamentals to share your poses so I (and anyone else taking part) can check them out! Please feel free to take the list of asana from above and share it on your IG or facebook (or elsewhere!) too.

You can follow my progress over on my instagram and/or facebook feeds. Wish me luck 🙂





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